1. In 2 hours remove bandage.
2. Wash tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.
3. Wrap tattoo completely in saran wrap before bed for the first two nights and shower immediately after removing the       wrap.
4. Apply a thin coat of A+D ointment at least 5x daily or whenever tattoo feels dry. Use ointment for 3 days.
5. After day 3 apply a thin coat of any non-scented hand lotion, such as lubriderm.
6. Do not pick or scratch when tattoo peels. Avoid getting dirt, make-up, and hair products in the tattoo area. Do not         touch with dirty hands.
7. No swimming or soaking the tattoo area.
8. Avoid direct sunlight and/or tanning while tattoo is healing, this will help to keep the colors bright.
9. Allergic reactions to the tattoo ink is uncommon, but is a possibility. Immense itchiness and breakouts around the          the tattooed skin are a sign. Contact your tattoo artist immediately; vitamin E lotion will be recommended.
10.Tattoo may be infected if there is a prolonged period of pain, swelling, pus secretion, and/or red streaks extending        from the area.
11.The tattoo artist can usually solve your problem, but in the case of intense infection please see a physician



1. All piercings should be cleaned 2x per day with Dial anti-bacterial, orange pump hand soap; overcleaning can cause      piercing to dry out.
2. Absolutely no Neosporin, alcohol, or peroxide should be used.
3. Redness and swelling for the first week is typical and to be expected.
4. All oral piercings should be rinsed with an alcohol-free mouth wash (Crest Pro Health) after every time you eat,             drink, or smoke anything.
5. Follow these routines for 3-6 months; normal care routines can be continued after this period.
6. Infection is rare, it is usually just agitation. Signs of a real infection include intense pain days after the piercing has          been done and seeping of a white pus. If you believe infection may be occurring, contact your piercer for help. If it is      determined that it may be a serious issue you should contact a physician immediately. Any other questions on              specific piercings and healing time please ask.